The Alimony Protection Plan™

How can we be certain that our life and disability insurance is in compliance with our divorce agreement?

 If you are asking yourself this question the Alimony Protection Group, LLC may have your answers.

Frequently, the insurance required to secure your alimony and child support obligations is being discussed and agreed to on the courthouse steps.  This is not an optimal approach and can lead to numerous unnecessary post-divorce issues for you and your family.

Fortunately, there is a solution…..

We believe the best way to be certain that your insurance obligations are properly met in a cost-effective manner is to address the issues early in the process and to implement the appropriate solutions prior to your divorce being finalized.  In order to achieve these objectives the Alimony Protection Group, LLC (APG) has developed the Alimony Protection Plan™, the most comprehensive platform for the evaluation, acquisition and management of life and disability insurance policies available in the marketplace today.

Plan Benefits

Current Coverage Analysis
We will contact your existing carriers to obtain a summary of your existing policies and explore options available to you going forward.

Eligibility for Coverage
We will obtain preliminary underwriting approval for the spouse to be insured to verify their eligibility for coverage.

Calculating New Coverage Amount
We have developed a proprietary coverage calculator that can be used by you and your attorney to determine the amount of coverage that will be needed.

Coverage Options
Once the above steps have been completed we can provide you and your attorney a full range of coverage options for your review and consideration.

Disability Planning
Since there is a greater risk of disability before age 65 than death, we will also provide options to insure this risk.

Policy Ownership
We will review and explain your policy ownership options and the tax impact of each option.

Beneficiary Designations
We will provide guidance on structuring beneficiary designations when minor children are involved.

Existing Policy Beneficiary Changes
We will assist you in changing the beneficiary designations on existing policies to match your settlement agreement.

Post-Divorce Coverage Verification
Our program provides multiple levels of notification and verification that keep both parties informed of policy premium payments and status.

Post-Divorce Policy Changes
We will assist you in tracking and making policy changes as specified in your settlement agreement.