Disability Insurance

The Alimony Protection Plan™ utilizes the Divorce Settlement Disability Policy which insures alimony and child support payments against disability.

If the supporting spouse suffers a total or partial disability the financial impact on both parties is devastating.

If the supporting spouse becomes disabled, it ranges from difficult to near impossible to continue divorce settlement payments to the supported spouse on top of paying his/her own bills. So, the supporting spouse is forced to go back to court in the hopes of modifying the divorce settlement payments.

This can all be avoided by paying an affordable premium for a disability policy that guarantees, if the supporting spouse is disabled, the settlement payments to the supported spouse continue and part or all of the supporting spouse’s obligations are satisfied.

The Alimony Protection Group, LLC has partnered with Disability Specialists, Inc. (DSI) to bring just such a product to market. DSI has developed a proprietary disability product with Hanleigh Management Inc., a Lloyd’s of London Correspondent, which can pay most if not all of the expenses mandated by the divorce decree (e.g., spousal support, child support, children’s medical insurance premiums, private school and college expenses, activity fees, etc.) if the supporting spouse becomes disabled.

The policy can insure the total settlement payments the supporting spouse is required to pay as stipulated in the divorce decree. However, the policy can be issued for less than the total payments dictated by the decree. The policy can also be split, with each party choosing to insure and pay for specific settlement expenses.

For additional information please contact the Alimony Protection Group or visit www.gotodsi.com/divorceapg